Sep 27, 2008

A report from our first vacation with Sebastian, Part I (getting there)

This was our first trip with a baby, and I believe it deserves a blog post or two. Let me begin by letting you know; Traveling with a baby is like traveling in an entirely different dimension. It's hard to explain, but I think those of you with children might understand my thoughts. Packing is no longer an easy and quick thing to do. I used to pack an hour or two before takeoff, but I’m afraid those days are over. You really need to think things through when you have kids. Especially when traveling with a baby. What to pack, and where. What will we need the next 8 hours in flight, or at the airport(s), and how much will we need?

Then there’s the actual traveling with a baby. Nothing could really prepare me for the trip we made last Thursday. Sebastian was really a hero though. Even though he wasn't allowed to eat or sleep when he wanted, he didn't give us too much trouble. But to say he was happy all the way would be a lie. But one thing is for sure. Babies like to sleep, but not when they’re told to. And during take-off and landing he really hated to sit still with his seatbelt on. Most of the crew were nice and helpful to us.

After flying from Bergen through Amsterdam, we arrived in Nice late in the evening. Not wanting to do too much this late, we had booked into a hotel at the airport. Park in was an “OK” air-port hotel. Nothing special, but it had what we needed for the night (and the next morning).

Friday was a busy day, and we knew we had a long way ahead of us. Sebastian wasn’t really happy about sleeping in a strange environment, and kept us awake for long periods during the night. We started out with a small breakfast before hitting the road. We could tell Sebastian was really tired from yesterday and the lack of sleep the previous night, and were a bit worried about his mood for the days to come. Totally unnecessary of course. After only a few miles on the road he fell asleep. On the entire journey, he only woke up to eat some lunch. We got to the hotel in Rapallo (Italy) just before 2pm after driving the highway for 4 hours. Finally at our destination, we were greeted by the rest of the family. This was Sebastian's first meeting with his American family. It was it was love at first sight for all of them.

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