Sep 27, 2008

A report from our first vacation with Sebastian, Part 2 (The Wedding)

After a little nap Friday afternoon, the party could begin. This was really going to be a “Three day wedding”. First there was a boat trip with snacks and drinks (but we stayed at the hotel to get some much needed sleep). Then there was a meet-and-greet by the pool, with cocktails and starters. The 6 course dinner by the Italian sea side was absolutely beautiful. There was a lot of good food, wine (God knows how many glasses) and live music in the restaurant.

We knew Saturday would be an eventful day, and only the breakfast was quiet. Straight after breakfast, preparations for the big moment began. At 2pm we were off to Villa Ligure in Celle Ligure, where the wedding was to be held. The ceremony was held outside, overlooking the Riviera. The setting was gorgeous, and everyone seemed to enjoy the day. Even the weather gods smiled on the happy couple, and contributed to a perfect day. (Not to mention it rained on Friday, and Sunday). At the end of the ceremony, we were “interrupted” by the “tricolore” who held an air-show not far from us. What a show, and what an ending to the ceremony. Follow this link to see photos taken of the show (external site, not my photos). The following dinner was just as perfect as the day before. Day turned to night, and the dancing began. The party continued to 1am, and some even kept on into the early morning.

As I told you, this was a three day wedding. It all ended with a goodbye brunch on Sunday (for those of us who didn’t party all night, and were able to get up). A big buffet with every thinkable Italian breakfast dish was presented for us.

We stayed on one more day to spend some time with the newlyweds. Aunty Nina spent a lot of time with her nephew, and they both seemed to enjoy it very much.

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