May 2, 2008


It's May 2. and the sun is out. Do you need any other excuse to go out and shoot something? The picture on the right is of the flowers on our plum tree. Yummy!
Last year, we harvested 6kg of the two trees in our garden, not counting all the plums on the ground (A lot fell down while we were on vacation).

We are going to try to stay at home this time. See if we can beat the record from 2007. But we might not get there. It is said, every other year is a good plum tree. And by the looks of it, there are fewer flowers this year.

I have no idea what the flowers on the left are, but they are blue and beautiful. Let's see if you can spot the bees, busy searching for nectar :)
Oh, and by the way; 98 days left to the big 080808

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