May 11, 2008

Redecorating the 1. Floor. Creating a room for the child to be.

We’ve been putting this off for a while now. In order not to get disappointed, we have deliberately not done anything in the house to prepare for the baby. But now it’s less than 3 months to the due date, and in case of a premature birth. There is a 90% chance of survival. Yes. I think it’s time do start working. There is a lot to do. Here are the plans in short:

· Clean out the big room in the basement. Create an office in one corner, and a “library” (with a TV set) in the other corner, and the dog’s home somewhere in between.
· Move the spare guest room into what is the office to day
· Create a spacious room for the baby in what is the guest room today. Here will have all the room we need for all the necessary baby-stuff.

Everything has to be done in small steps, as there is not enough room to do it all at once. Today we started by cleaning out the office. Throwing all the things we haven’t used since we moved in 18 months ago, and packed away a few things for sentimental reasons.
Next on the to-do list, is to call the Salvation Army, and ask if they would like to collect a few things we no longer have room for. We can start moving the office around as soon as the furniture have been moved out of the way.

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