Apr 11, 2012

Easter is over

Just a quick personal post for the family. To let them know there are new pictures of Sebastian in his album over at my photo site

We had a great vacation and paid Farmor, Farfar and Mormor a visit. Just like this past Christmas, this is the first Easter Seabstian is really conscious about what's happening around him.

He took his "duty", as the youngest, very seriously as he was appointed the task of hanging the Easter eggs this year.

We had also given him an extra mission for this trip to Stavanger. He's been without his pacifiers for quite some time now, but we saved two of them for this "ritual".

We made a trip to the "pacifier-tree" in Stavanger, and laid the two last pacifiers to rest here. he was sooooo proud of it, and kept pointing at the tree: "Look mommy, look daddy, look Mimmi! There's the pacifier, Look! It's gone, I did it!"

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