Jul 5, 2011

A trip with "Gamle Vossabanen"

"..Look at the train daddy, there's the train! Look at the train daddy, there's the train daddy, It looks just like Thomas, only black..."

Those are the words of a 3-year old who was about to burst with joy.

No more than a five minute walk away from our home, there is train-stop for "Gamle Vossabanen". (I know have written about it before, but that was last year's trip.) This station is where the track ends, and it usually stays for a while (for refilling the water tank) when it comes in. We've been watching it several times, and we always talk about the previous trip and how the next one is going to be.

The train is run by a group of train enthusiasts, and only run during the summer. It only runs for a couple of miles, but it takes almost 45 minutes from end to end. Every Sunday it makes two trips from Garnes to Midtun and back again.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug

If you catch the right departure from Midtun, you can make it a round-trip. This trip will take almost 3hrs, as the train makes a long stop in Garnes before returning. Which is rather nice, and gives you some time to visit the train museum at Garnes as well.

Last week, we invited a lot of friends to join us, and I think we all had a great time. We finished of with dinner and ice-cream in our garden. (They were out of ice cream at the train station....)

At least I know Sebastian had a great time. He kept "singing" Toot toot Hooot! when he was put to bed for the night. Talking to his toys about the wonderful "Thomas" he had just be riding with.

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