Jun 7, 2011

For the Fam

May was a grey and cold month. Not much to write about there, really. So when we had 1 day of great weather this weekend, Sebastian could not be held back.

From the moment the sun broke out he went; "..Want to go out and play in the garden... Play now... Play on the swing-set... Play fireman...". And so we did.

Sebastian spent all spring talking about how he would play in the garden, if only it was finished. We told him it would be finished in time for summer, but that was never soon enough.

But now it is, and now he is really enjoying every minute he gets to play in it. With or without us.... I'll close with my son's reasoning; "..I'm playing in the garden. You said it would be finished by summertime. It IS summertime then. I love summer!"

To which I can only reply; "Who doesn't son, who doesn't......"

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