Feb 2, 2011


Where did January go? Honestly? It's hard to tell. One thing is for sure; Time does not pause for a family like ours. Every weekday pass us buy with great speed, and the weekends go by even faster. And what do you know, 1/12th of 2011 is already history.

It feels like we're already in the time-squeeze, and Sebastian hasn't even begun any after school activities yet.

Fully aware of the hours passing by can never be reclaimed, we try to make every moment count, every hour, every day. (Not every moment is worth being remembered, but they pass us by and are soon forgotten anyway).

As a counter measure against the time squeeze, we've decided an alternative way of shopping for groceries (which, believe it or not, can take up some "valuable" time).
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This week we enlisted in a service delivered by It's a subscription to dinners (3-days or 5-days a week) delivered to your door. Not precooked dinners, but the groceries for the dinners. The groceries comes with a suggested menu, with recipes and all. You don't have to follow the recipes down to every detail, but if you don't have any experience with cooking they can really help you out.

3 Days for 2 grown-ups and 2 kids seems to be just right for us, as there has been leftovers every day. And leftovers makes good leftover dinners another day. The cost? Might be a bit more expensive than shopping your self, but the food is of great quality. (Did I mention it is delivered on your doorstep?).

We'll try the service for a couple of weeks, and see if we feel it is worth the price (measured against the time saved ;)

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