Feb 27, 2011

Farmor and Sebastian

Winter break is coming up this week. And we need some assistance, as mom and dad don't have as many days off as Jr. does. So Mormor has just arrived to help us out in the beginning of the week. Then. at the end of the week, dad is taking Sebastian to visit Farfar in Stavanger (and quite possibly meet up with the others there as well).

But, as a kick-off to the week, Farmor came for a weekend stay-over.

We've been playing, running, shouting, singing and having plain old fun all weekend. (And here is the shot to prove it).

We've also spent the weekend assembling the new bed (Thank you Morfar and Nancy) in his room. At first he wanted to sleep in it right away, but in the end it was probably a bit too big. And he decided it was safer to sleep in his old bed for now.

Sebastian was very happy to see Farmor, and was equally happy to see Mormor when she arrived. I believe he's going to have a great week, while mom and dad have to go to work :)

PS: More shots for the fam&friends are being uploaded to his album as we speak.

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