Oct 13, 2010

Project; Everyday life, Around the world - Theme: Friendship

Luna was no more than a year when we got Sebastian. We were really worried how she would cope with not being in the center of our universe anymore.

There is probably no absolute answer suitable for all. But after reading a couple of books and articles, we decided to try to include Luna as much as we could.

We let her follow us everywhere, and smell everything Sebastian touched or played with. Little by little we let her closer and closer to the baby. Finally, after 7-8 weeks, we got to the point where we both relaxed, and let her walk around almost without worrying what she would do.

The main feature in this blog was taken around 8weeks after Sebastian was born. It was touching to see how cautious she was (and is) with the little baby boy :)

Now, more than two years down the road, they are the best of friends. Luna looks out for Sebastian, and Sebastian after Luna.

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