Oct 19, 2010

@ Farfar and Besta's place :)

It was time for mommy to get a weekend off. Dad and Sebastian packed their bags and left for Stavanger, Friday morning.

Sebastian loves flying (not sitting still in a seat for 45 minutes, but flying). He did not stop talking about until he fell asleep after we arrived at Farfar's place.

Besta has three grand children of her own and the house is full of toys to play with. Never a dull moment. Among other goodies were a box of Duplo, a box of train sets and several puzzles of Cars (the movie) and Chuggington (cartoon). He must have played with them for hours and hours.....

The best part is when Farfar plays the piano. Oh how Sebastian wants to join in on the fun. He didn't dance as much as he did for Easter, but he did try to help Farfar hit the right notes :)

Farfar turned 65 last week, and we celebrated him on Saturday. Cake and Ice-cream for the children (Yes, that includes Dad and Farfar too ;), and Coffee for the grownups. Mormor was invited as well, and stayed for the entire afternoon. (Farmor was on a trip, and we didn't have chance to meet her. But she's on her way as I type this, and will spend the rest of the week in bergen with us).

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