Oct 24, 2010

Bathtub Angel

I usually do not post photos of Jr. in the bathtub. But with this one, I had to make an exception :)

This was taken a few days back, when Sebastian and I had an evening for ourselves. We were almost done bathing, when I fetched the camera. Once I turned it on he started making faces, and was really in the mood.

There are a lot more shots in his closed album, but I could not resist sharing this smile from a very happy boy.

I know I've been a bit silent on the blogging front lately. And I expect this behavior will continue into mid December or so. We're just very busy at work, and at home.

Farmor just left a few hours ago, after staying with us since Tuesday. Farmor and Sebastian really had some quality time together, and got to know each other well. Sadly we won't have time to see Farmor again until X-mas. But as long as we have Skype, Twitter, Blogs and phones.... we'll stay in touch :)

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