Sep 26, 2010

Weekend = Family time

Smiling from ear to ear, Sebastian shouted "..Yes, Yes, Yeeees!" when we woke him yesterday and asked him if he was going to spend the day (and weekend) with mom and dad.

We know he loves playing at the daycare center, and he's having a great time with the children there. But he was obviously very happy to spend some time with mom, dad and Luna. He is usually dead tired after a long week, and just like mom and dad he really appreciates a quiet weekend.

The weather-gods have also been on our side this weekend. Even though it's bee a bit chilly in the morning and evening, the sun has been shining and warming us throughout the day.

Yesterday we went to visit some friends, but today we're going to spend the afternoon in the garden. This photo was taken Friday, but I suspect there will be more shots later today too. Please head over to Sebastian's album for more shots taken this Friday.

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