Sep 6, 2010

Sebastian and Farmor :)

After a long summer with dodging each others schedules, it was finally time for Farmor to have some playtime with Sebastian.

We weren't sure whether Sebastian would recognize her or not, so we showed him a lot of pictures to remind him. And when when we picked up Farmor at the bus stop he shouted: "There's Farmor, There's Farmor". Farmor didn't really have any time to respond, before Sebastian shouted "Farmor play with "Tougga" (Train)!"

Not only was Sebastian and Farmor having a great time, but the weather gods gave us (what we fear might be the last this year) a final taste of summer. This gave us the opportunity to spend a great part of the week end out doors.

These pictures were taken Saturday at Myrdalsvannet. A place we love to bring our dog and son for a walk. Sebastian wanted to prove to Farmor how big he is, by holding on to Luna's rope and his jacket at the same time (It was to hot for a jacket :)

To me it seemed like both Farmor and Sebastian had a great weekend. And when the family has a great weekend, I have a great weekend. It was a great end of summer, or beginning of the autumn.

More pictures of Sebastian is in his album, and another one of Farmor is in the family album (extended family).

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