Jun 6, 2010


It's been a great weekend here in Bergen, and we have not been on the lazy side. With Farmor here to visit Sebastian, we (mom and dad) have dragged them along on something to do every day :) There will be several posts from this weekend, but don't expect them to appear in a chronological order.

It's actually quite funny. We've been living in Bergen for 15 years, and we're still discovering new things about this beautiful town. I don't have an answer to why we haven't been to these events before, but it might be because these events are family events. And we've been "alone" until now and haven't seen the need for doing these kind of things.

Anyway, To day was a family day at Bergen City Museum (link). "Coincidentally" this was also the Begren "shillingsbolle" day. I have no idea what it is called in English, but it resembles a cinnamon-bun.

The idea is for the kids to see how people lived in old Bergen, and how this roll (and other bakery products) was made more than a 100 years ago. There was a show and tell at the mill, where they ground corn to make flower. And also at the old bakery, where they used old and big ovens made of stone and clay.

Sebastian seemed to young to really appreciate the show and tell. but he sure was "man" enough to eat a big piece for himself. And then he ran around, watching all the children play (and played a bit for himself).

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