May 31, 2010

What to do in Bergen?

I just wanted to create a random post based on a few shots I took from my chair in a cafe in Bergen. Taking pictures is a strange thing. Sometimes i can't find a single thing to capture.

But then, all of a sudden, i just lift my eyes, and there is something to shoot everywhere. Just like yesterday.
First I shot a few shots of Sebastian and his mom (uploaded to his album), and then these guys came along. I'm not sure skateboarding is appreciated in this brand new "park". But it was fun, trying to capture them in mid-air.

And if shooting pictures of people on the street is not your thing; Then just lift your eyes on a fine day like this, and look toward Ulriken. You'll be sure to find a para-shooter or two, like I did. I really want to take a trip up Ulriken one day I know there will be somebody there. Shooting from down town didn't really capture it as well as I wanted :)

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