May 4, 2010

Is it May already?

Although there is nothing in the weather (temperature wise) resembling May right now, we have just turned another page in the calendar. And May it is :) I blame it on the long and hard winter we've had this year, and hopefully we'll get a real nice and warm summer in the end (as a payoff).

Anyhow, we might still have icy nights, but the sun does wonders during the day (when it's not hiding behind a few clouds). With a few hours of sunshine during the day Saturday and Sunday, we stayed outdoors as much as we could. Sebastian really love being outdoors, and is hard to convince when it is time to get back in.

As you might see from the other photos in this post, Luna also enjoys a ray of sun or two (we suspect she is secretly solar powered, just like cats). She's got an ability to stretch every inch of her body, to capture as much sun as possible. She seems a lot longer here than she usually does.

Me, I'm killing some of the hours by trying to capture Sebastian, Luna and other objects with the camera. Did I mention spring is my favorite season here in Bergen? When everything comes to life, and the "world" is filled with all kinds of colors. Just gotta love it! :)

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