Mar 5, 2010

Changes to the blog

The daycare center is closed for the winter break here in Bergen. So mom and dad are splitting the week between them. I have had the best of days for the three past days. The weather's been great, and the boy has been even better.

I haven't had too much time to sit down and post on the blog, but I have been using some of his naps to do some adjustments to the blog. First of all; I've moved all the strange stuff to the bottom, thus leaving the center stage for photos and/or plain blog stories. I am not a 100% happy with the arrangement at the bottom, so if you have any ideas, pleas let me know how to best organize and arrange those widgets (or even better, should i remove some of them?)

I must also apologize in advance for the lack of posts the next month. I have an exam coming up, and I intend to pass. So I don't have much time to sit by the computer, nor behind the camera. There will be an odd post or two, but don't expect much this month. Hopefully, April will be better.

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