Jan 2, 2010

Playing the piano

The first time Sebastian heard the piano, he was frightened by the sound of it. But this time, he could not get enough of it. Both Farmor and Farfar have a piano in their living-rooms, and they are both eager to help Sebastian become accustomed to it. he ran back and forth, hitting high notes or low notes. Screaming with delight at every sound.

Sebastian loves the sound of rhythms and music. And when he wasn't playing the piano, he was dancing to the music Farfar played. Lucky Sebastian had two beautiful girls he could ask to dance with him. One of them are not quite capable of walking yet, but the other one was more than happy to dance with him. Sadly, I ran out of batteries before the dance-show, and I don't have any pictures of the dance.

We might have a musician in the making here?

PS: If you haven't figured it out yet; I have updated Sebastian's Picasa album with the pictures in this blog + a few more from x-mas.

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