Oct 3, 2009

I wonder....

We were having a sweet and sour wok with rice the other day. And as always, Sebastian was very curious about our food and wanted some. We gave him some rice (since it was the only non-spiced food) and let him play with it. He immediately put some in his mouth, and started chewing. And he wanted more, more, more..... Where am I going with this? We were having another meal with rice today, and he reached out for the rice. Even if just had his own dinner, he ate a lot. That's when I said, "I wonder why he find the boring rice so fascinating...." And my wife corrected me: "Not to him, don't forget everything is new to him"

Now I'm wondering what it is like, exploring everything for the first time. I guess I'll have to keep an close eye on Sebastian as we introduce new things to him. At least it's a first for us, seeing him exploring things for the first time.

I'll leave you with some seconds of fun.........

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