Jun 19, 2009

Wrap up

It's time to wrap things up here. I've gone through a lot of photos, and filtered them down to 280 shots now uploaded to Picasa.

As previously posted, we spent the last 14 days of our vacation with Morfar and Nanny in Calais Maine. On the last two days, they accompanied us on the way to Boston by coming with us to Portland. We've been here before on our way to Nantucket, and we all loved it here. This time we celebrated Morfar's birthday, and: Surprise surprise! There was Uncle Jonathan, who came up from New York to celebrate it with us. This was the first time Uncle met with Sebastian.

Check out the Vacation link in the previous post for all of the Vacation photos, or Sebastian's 6-12 months link on the right to see the updated album (all new photos of Sebastian can be found in both albums)

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