Jun 19, 2009

Santa Monica

What is a trip to Los Angeles if you don't make it to Santa Monica Beach. Sand sand and more sand as far as your eye can see. Sebastian had never seen sand before and he wasn't really sure about the stuff, and it obviously didn't taste good. But given some time he finally settled in next to auntie and mom. It turned out to be great fun. Dad on the other hand, got to play with his new toy (the Tamron 18-270 :)

I have now created a Vacation album on Picasa with the events I have described so far. It will be updated as I go through the rest. The vacation album will only be available for a "short" time, or until I need more space for other pictures.

At the same time, Sebastian's album will be updated with a lot of pictures from the trip. Sebastian's album will contain many of the same photos, but this album is more permanent.

Go ahead and take a look if you can't wait until I'm done with everything :)

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