Jun 17, 2009

There is always a first.

There is a first for every thing. First tooth, first hair, first crawl, first laugh and now, the first day of paternity leave.

Even though I have been away from work for a month now, it's been time off together with my wife (called vacation?). Today she had her first day at work in 11 months (Can't believe Sebastian is 11 months!) and dad had his first real day alone with Sebastian. It was a great day: We ate, slept, played, ate, played, slept, played, ate some more and went for a walk. Dad tried to do some house work, but had to give up as Sebastian was a bit gloomy. Probably because of the vaccine yesterday. Right now Sebastian is back in his bed, and we hope (really hope) he will sleep through the night. He hasn't quite tuned in to CET yet, but neither have mom or dad.

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