Jun 26, 2009

Farmor's Mother

Sebastian and I have been on a short trip to visit one of his great grandmothers. Farmor's mother and dad's Mormor. it can be confusing if you're not into the Norwegian way of naming grandparents. In Norwegian all great grandmothers are called "Oldemor"

We flew from Flesland, Bergen to Rygge air port near Moss. Sebastian was on his best behavior, even though it was getting late for him in the end. He smiled and waved to all our crew and co passengers, smiling his way through the flight. At rygge Farmor greeted us and took us the on the final leg by car to Kråkerøy.

The weather was wonderful throughout the entire stay, and dad got to take a lot of pictures in the old part of Fredrikstad. I will post pictures and blogposts from the adventure later on. But click at the picture to go to Sebastian's album where I have pictures of Oldemor, Farmor and Sebastian :)

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