Jun 23, 2009

As the days go by

It is a great privilege to be able to stay home with Sebastian at this stage. At first I was a bit worried I wasn't made for the job, but after a few days Sebastian and I have found a rhythm. The days go past really fast, and my wife is home before I know it. The days are filled with play time, sleep time, eating time and walking Luna time. And speaking of "Luna time", Luna time is the perfect time for dad to bring his camera and to take pictures in the neighbourhood. I have a few examples for you later in this post.

Sebastian is really picking up speed now, and we don't have to pick him up in order to get around. As soon as I leave for another room, he'll follow in his own speed. We only have to pick him up when we move between the floors in the house, or when we want to put him somewhere he does not know how to get to himself (bed, chair, bathtub or couch :)

With his new found freedom, he is also a lot "easier" to entertain. He now likes to explore things on his own, and we only have to make sure he doesn't do something "dangerous".

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