Jun 30, 2009

Checking out the day care center

Since Sebastian was accepted into a day care center we knew nothing about and had not applied for, we thought we had to "investigate" a bit before we would feel comfortable with the situation. After a few phone calls and a lot of research online, it was time for us to pay the day care center a visit. We had to visit them at a temporary location as they are having new a new floor installed this summer. We'll be able to check out the premises later this week.

Sebastian and I made an appointment yesterday and we were able to meet the very people whom will take care of him. It was great fun. After a few minutes, I could put Sebastian down on the floor, and before we knew it he was "talking" and playing along with the other kids. As the new kid in town he was the center of attention, and he loved every minute of it.

I got to talk to the care taker and the assistant, and got a very good feeling. I am now confident Sebastian will have a good time at the day care center, and it's only mom and dad who's going to cry the first week :)

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