Jun 30, 2009


It's summer and we are all out on the terrace, enjoying the wonderful weather. Sebastian has been put to bed, but his toys are still on the table. I guess it was time for the grownups to play a little with bubbles and a camera.

Shooting bubbles proved harder than I thought. I have a lot of "out-of-focus" pictures where nothing is sharp. We decided start shooting the bubbles as they were created, as we could focus on the hand/mouth/gizmo instead of the bubble itself.

I got one good picture of a bubble, and it is of course the one in this post. I wish the background was better, but we did it all in the spur of the moment and didn't think about the set-up.

The second picture is of a bubble just before it is about to leave the pin. And the third is of a bubble that never made it. Look closely, and you'll see it break.

The last shot is here for the fun of it. Look at how concentrated my friend is. This was hard and serious work :)

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