May 29, 2009

A wonderful day

Sunblock 50, Check.
Good shoes, Check.
Lots of water, Check.
Camera, Check.
Extra diapers and baby food, Double check.

With the list above, we were ready for a wonderful day at Magic Mountain. It was more than 30 degrees and the sun was burning. We kept running from shade to shade to keep Sebastian comfortable. No need to though, he was as always a joy to bring along. As long as he experiences something new, he is usually very happy.

The park is probably the biggest park I've been to so far. And we did not have time to try every coaster this time. Having said that, we bought fast passes for two (always leaving two to keep Sebastian company) and tried to get through as many as we could. Here is a short list of the rides Mom and/or Dad tried out:
X2, Viper, Tatsu, Goliath and Terminator Salvation.
Sebastian tried out the traditional Horse carousel, and Thomas the tank engine.  
He wasn't sure about the carousel, but he loved the tank engine :)

None of us got sunburned, and all of us had enough to drink. Sebastian was very happy when we got home, and it was time to sleep. He slept like a log through the night :)

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