May 4, 2009

Sebastian's corner!

I'm sorry grandparents! I know I have been posting photo posts lately, rather than of your precious grandson. But truly, this is a good sign. It is because he is such a good kid nowadays. He is smiling and playing all day long (still not sleeping enough, and still waking up a few times during the night), and eating healthy :). With all the positive energy in the house, mom and dad have found new energy (or we're not completely drained) to regain some control of our lives. Mom likes to read a good book or to watch a good movie. Dad likes to spend some time with the camera, and later at the computer going through the days catch. I then suddenly find my self with no time to write about the cute boy. Shame on me!

Enough about us, here is "Sebastian's corner - a catch-up for grandparents (and other family members)".

As I just mentioned, Sebastian is eating, drinking, sleeping and doing well. At his last check-up at the healthcare provider, he was spot on all the charts for his age, height and weight. His two front teeth (front/bottom) are now a very distinctive part of his smile. He's been teething again, for the past 5-6 days. We are expecting a few more teeth visible within a week or so. He is not moving around yet, but he is trying very hard. He can easily move a meter or so to reach for what want by rolling around. He has also discovered standing up :) When placed on my lap in front of the playpen, he reaches for the bars and pulls himself up. Smiling with pride, it is easy to tell he really likes this much more than moving around on all four.

We have also learned a few important things about our boy.
1: He loves routines. In fact; When we break them, he gets upset and/or uncertain.
2: Sebastian is a very smart kid, and he loves to "test" us. He has been teething for a few days/nights, and as he has been uncomfortable we have been tending to him a lot more than usual during bed time and night time. But as his uncomforts has faded, he has tried to make us keep up the service. I can tell you right now; fading away the service was not an option for the little master. He was furious when the bed time service was taken away again. But being smart, he soon realized he wouldn't get the attention when he's not ill. And is now back to "normal" at bed time.

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