May 13, 2009

Nøstet, Bergen, Norway

I have been walking through this neighborhood several times the past month as one of our customers is situated nearby. And every time I think to myself: dOh! Why oh why didn't I bring my camera? It's early in the morning, and there's only a few commuters out in the streets. At day time it is ususally jam packed at this location. Either of locals, or turists exploring beautiful Bergen. But, today was different. I knew the customer contact was late for work (or later than his usual 7.30 ;), and I had a 20 minutes window to capture the beauty of the "old" town. It's not really "Old Bergen", but there are a lot of houses here, more than a 100 years old. You should drop by if you have the opportunity. If the new fancy "blogger-in-draft" tool "location" is working, I have tried to add a mark on the map for you.

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