May 11, 2009

Around the block :)

I've been on another trip with my camera in the neighborhood. There are so many beautiful flowers to choose from. Unfortunately, many of them are situated with a poor (ugly) backdrop, and I have to be inventive to get a good shot or two. Take the Cherry tree here as an example. Situated in the driveway of a house, and right next to the parking lot. With all the houses around it, I had a hard time finding a spot where you do not have any disturbances in the background. The shot of the tree in this post was taken laying on my back on the ground :) As before, I think the closeups work better than the ones taken from afar. It might be because I'm not comfortable with landscape shots yet. I have just been practicing closeups of flowers and portraits of Sebastian. Hopefully, I'll be able to practice landscape shots during my vacation this summer.

The smaller photos are just fillers for the post ;) Also, as a side note; The first tooth on the upper side broke through the "skin" today. And Sebastian now has teeth on both upper and lower side :D

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