Apr 21, 2009

My "first" try at landscape photography

Oh my gosh.... I have a lot to learn. but hey, that is why we are her for, isn't it? On the way to the family gathering, we have two ferry crossings. And at one of them I had the time to try to find something to take a picture of. I tried to capture the island look and feel, and to use the pier as the "something interesting in the foreground" piece. I see now it only worked to a certain extent. The pier is OK, but the rest of the picture isn't as good as I had hoped for. Anyway, here are three versions I leave for you to look at.

I must say I was amazed by how much blue turned out in the picture, but all I have edited is setting WB to daylight, and press the "auto tune" in Lightroom to automate brightness and contrasts.

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