Mar 26, 2009

The error of traveling

I realized the mistake the second I stepped out of the plane. I am so busy at home; I forgot to check the weather forecast for Oslo thoroughly. Back in Bergen we have the feeling of spring. Flowers are starting to stretch for the sky, leaves are turning green and the birds are singing from 5am to late in the evening (All the wonderful thing I love about spring). Yesterday we had 10 (Celsius) degrees, and you could really feel the sun warm your exposed skin.

I know (of course) if you go further north or leave for higher ground, that king winter is still holding the land in his grasp. But Oslo is further south from us, and I did not give it much thought. I dressed like at home, and froze my a.. off as I got here (I'm in a hotel room in Oslo, missing my son and wife.....) As i stepped out of the plane, a cold breeze of -8 (Celsius) Degrees hit my face... Brrrrrr!

So here is a mental not to myself: Do not forget it again, You should know better!

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