Mar 24, 2009

An apointment with a pediatrician (a few months to late?)

Ok, I'm not really sure where to begin, or how to end this post. I just need to write this stuff down, to get it out of my head. If it seems unorganized, please bear with me.

I'll begin with some facts and figures:
- Sebastian is now 8,5 kg and 72cm. (he has grown a lot since the previous weigh in, not in weight, but in length)
- Sebastian is in good health, and did not react to any of the initial allergy tests preformed this week.
- Sebastian has been "proven*" intolerant to milk (cow milk), and we'll finally get his soy-milk on prescription.

* They do not have any tests for such small children, but the pediatrician heard our case, asked many questions and made her own diagnose.

She suspected some kind of intolerance to the milk protein (not lactose). Most children with this intolerance outgrow it within a year, and she encouraged us to introduce small quantities of milk in a few months (And to add some yoghurt, as this is supposed to be low on the protein, but full of the bacteria the stomach needs).

My wife and I was relieved to finally have a diagnose (even though we had figured it out a long time ago with the help of family and friends). This means we'll be able to apply for a prescription of the right type of milk. Yupp: In Norway, soy based milk for children is sold in the pharmacy, and is way more expensive than the stuff you buy in the store. Now we will get it as a "medicine" for free.

After all was said and done there was still one question nagging in the back of my head. I did not know if I dared to ask it or not. But before I knew it, the words fell out of my mouth; - Is it possible his intolerance triggered his colic symptoms because we fed him with ordinary milk substitute the first month of his life (Remember: Sebastian did not take enough breast milk, and had a hard time gaining weight)?

The words rang in my ears, and I saw my wife was having the same thoughts......

The pediatrician looked into my eyes, then to my wife and said; Knowing what you have told me and making a diagnose, it is not unlikely the substitute triggered his colic. This is not saying it did, but it is not unlikely.....

Our jaws dropped.... I don't know how many times I expressed my concerns to the hospital and to the healthcare provider during the first weeks and months, reminding them I was intolerant, asking if there wasn't a slightest possibility he could have it as well. They all dismissed the idea, and almost made me feel like fool for thinking I could tell them anything.

Well, next time, if there is a next time, we know better. And will show up in the delivery room with the soymilk in the bag, taking no chances.

We will not dwell on what could have been different, but I had to write this down, to get it out of my system. And maybe, just maybe, somebody else in our situation might learn from our experience and avoid what we just went through.

Right now we focus on the beautiful baby boy we have, and all the wonderful emotions we go through every day as he develops new skills. We just love him to pieces.

Also, once again; Thank you to friends and especially family who have supported and helped us through what have been a tough winter. We love you too!

"....This is not saying it did, but it is not unlikely.."

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