Jan 12, 2009

Stag party :)

As best man, it was my pleasure to arrange the stag party for one of my best friends. We're all very busy, and finding a time that suited all was not easy. But Saturday was the groom's birthday, and we all cleared the calender for the day.

There are three rules for a stag party in Norway
  1. The groom must not be aware of when or where the party will take place
  2. The groom's glass must never be empty (but he must always try to empty it)
  3. There are no other rules
(But the bride asked me kindly if I could return her husband-to-be in one piece)

Since I still want to be one of the groom's best friends after the ordeal, I tried not to embarrass him to much.

We kidnapped the groom and blindfolded him. Then we drove around for an hour, talking about all the nasty ideas we had (none of them were true, but we had to make him a bit uncomfortable). We ended up at Iskanten, and had two hours of curling. Curling seems like an easy sport on TV but it really isn't. And today my body is sore all over, and in places I didn't know I had muscles.

After the curling, we drove home to the groom's brother for the actual party. We made dinner together, and had fun. The fun lasted into the night and didn't end until 2 a.m. Everybody had a good time, and I kept my promise to the bride.

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