Dec 21, 2008

Two tired parents :)

We were actually just waiting for this to happen, as a lot of our friends and my colleagues have had a cold lately. But having a sick baby i something all of us must go through. Poor Sebastian couldn't breath through his nose, and kept us awake the first night (as couldn't sleep himself). We tried some salt water up his nose, but it didn't really help a lot. But as the first night progressed into the second day, he seem to be catching up with the idea of breathing through his mouth :) And as we got back from the pharmacy with some more medicine, the second night was a lot better. The third night (just over) he seemed to be back to his old self. Now he is only somewhat congested, and seems a lot happier.
Sebastian was very brave through the whole thing, he didn't cry as much as we expected, but he sought comfort on our chests. Hopefully he is over the worst part, and we can all celebrate x-mas :) (although it seems mom has caught some of the cold).

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