Dec 23, 2008

A good boy!

Yesterday was a looooooong day. We spent almost 10 hours in the car, driving from Bergen to Oslo. In the morning, all passes were ether closed or we had to drive after a snowplough in single file (and most likely wait for several hours for our turn). There was a terrible wind causing snow to completely reducing the visibility to 0. We followed the weather Forest before leaving from Bergen, and made a gamble for the conditions to improve before we made it to the pass.

We were lucky enough, and the pass we chose to drive had opened before we got there. But we got stuck any way, there was a GDFTD who got stuck in the pass, and blocked for the traffic in both directions. We got stuck an hour before we were able to drive passed the truck. And only half an hour after we passed the truck, they closed the pass down for the night.

After 9,5 long hours, we finally made it to Oslo (usually we make the trip on 7 hours or so) and were met by Aunt Nina and Mormor. We are all looking forward to celebrating Christmas together :)

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