Jul 25, 2008

Sebastian; When and what....

Saturday June 12th:
14:00(ish) – Out shopping for the week-end. Nothing unusual, or no sign of what to come. Dinner at the mall.
17:00(ish) – We decided to take a “tummy-shot” since it is “one month to go” this week-end
17:00(ish) – After taking the picture, I started painting in the room that will become the child’s room
20:45 – I am just finished with a coat around the windows and door, and wrapping up for the day. Looking forward to a glass of wine and a good movie, when Helen shouts: “Lasse…. S*** I think the water just broke.
20:45 - 21:00 Several phone calls. First to the hospital, then to some friends trying to find a babysitter for poor Luna, then to the midwife in the family. We are both shaken, and totally not ready for this moment: Where is the bag, what should we put in it, where is what and why? SMS’s and calls to the closest family.
21:45 – We arrive at the hospital. Since there are no contractions yet, we’re sent to the observation, suspecting this could take a while.
22:00 – Still under observations, when the contractions start kicking in. It doesn’t take long before they’re less than 5 minutes apart, and very strong.
23:30 – Contractions are really strong now, and a quick check-up reveals that Helen is in labor. We’re now moved from observation to the maternity ward.

Sunday July 13th
04:30 – Sebastian was born 3kg and 49cm. but he is having some breathing problems.
05:30 – By now, all grandparents are alerted, and very happy!
06:00 – Sebastian is moved to the clinic, for breathing support and observation.
06:30 – Breakfast! Our first meal since dinner at the mall
07:00 – We’re given a family room, both Helen and I will be able to stay at the hospital. Time for some much needed sleep.
09:30 – Breathing support is removed, but Sebastian still needs observation and medication (antibiotics).
14:00 – We are allowed our first visit to Sebastian. We’re granted 2 hours of joy.

Monday July 14th
After some much needed sleep, we have breakfast and are informed that Sebastian is doing well. He’ll be discharged for the day, to be left to our care. YEAY!
Monday is a strange day. In one way it feels like the longest day ever. But the time we get with Sebastian is to short. We get to spend all day (from 10:00 to 21:00). It is the most wonderful thing in the world!

Tuesday July 15th
Sebastian is discharged from the clinic, and we can slowly start our new lives.

Wednesday July 16th
We thought we’d be able to go home today, but Sebastian doesn’t eat enough yet. We need to stay another night. There are signs of Sebastian starting to eat more.

Thursday July 17th
After morning check-up, we were sent home. A busy day for first-timers, but I think all went well.

Friday July 18th
A weigh-in at the hospital; Sebastian has gained 20g, it is not enough.

Saturday 19th
A weigh-in at the hospital; Sebastian hasn’t gained any weight since yesterday. We have to convince the midwife to let us go home for the night.

Sunday 20th
A weigh-in and check-up by a pediatrician; After feeding Sebastian with a bottle, he has finally gained 50g, and the pediatrician is satisfied. Sebastian is now officially a healthy baby.

Wednesday 23rd
A weigh-in at home by the healthcare nurse; Sebastian has gained 190g. And we are very relived. That’s our boy 

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