Jul 25, 2008

A busy first week at home.

Where did the week go? I have no idea, but this is really the first time I sit next to the computer, and have a few minutes to post a blog. So, what’s new? Let’s see: Sebastian eat, poop, sleep (and sometimes cry) in a random order all day, driving his parents a bit off the edge as we lose sleep. We had a visit from the healthcare on Wednesday, and Sebastian was once again checked and weighed. He had gained 190g since Sunday, and is now 2990g (almost back to birth-weight YEAY!). The nurse suggested we weigh him once a week for two-three weeks; just to make sure he is making progress. We also made a trip to the hospital yesterday, to check his breastfeeding skills. Sebastian is now feeding very well, and the midwife suggested we stopped using the bottle during the daytime. (YEAY again!)

Grandparents have been visiting us the first week, and they all love their new title.
- Farmor (Father’s mother) came last Thursday, and stayed until Saturday. She helped with painting, cleaning and shopping the first two days.
- Mormor (Mother’s mother) came Friday and stayed to Tuesday. She also helped out in the house and with the painting.
- Aunt Nina came Sunday and left Tuesday. Painting, shopping and housecleaning are her skills to.
We are so grateful for all the help they provided to us. Without it we would probably have lost it totally. THANK YOU GUYS!
- Farfar (Father’s fath…. What’s the point, you get it, don’t you?) and bonus-Farmor (My father’s second wife) came yesterday, and they are going to help us with assembling the furniture for Sebastian’s room.

That is all I can think of right now, and I think I smell a dirty diaper somewhere. Gotta go ……..

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