Apr 21, 2009

My Mom's cat

Poor cat!

Not only had he been to the vet (or dentist???) to clean his teeth and have two of them removed (broken). He was also "surrounded" by this crazy Dachs on the floor, only to eager to play with her "new friend" in the cage on the kitchen counter. This is the look of that poor cat behind bars.

Not to worry though. A few hours later, she was back on her feet and out and about in the garden.


  1. Sorry for the previous his/her error :)
    Julian (the cat) is a He. Luna (our dog) is a she ;)

  2. And they are as much friends as cats and mice?? :)

    I like the picture, I fell for the cat actually.

  3. Fantastisk bra uttrykk den katten har - det sier alt liksom!