Apr 21, 2009

Editing pictures

I've gotten a lot of comments on the black and white pictures from Bergen. Especially about the kids. As I have been trying to tell everybody: I am trying to learn this stuff, and I value your feedback. And I try to learn from them.

Some of you suggested to edit them before posting. So I thought I'ld give it a try. Remember, I am just learning this, and this is just an example of editing. I think I will stick to improving my shooting skills, and maybe look into editing later on (there are a lot of possibilities here too).

1 comment:

  1. Mykje betre :)

    Berre to små ting, som sikkert berre eg ser sidan eg har redigert mang eit bilete :) Mellom beina på gutten til venstre og mellom venstre armen og kroppen til gutten til høgre. Desse områda har du ikkje laga mørkar slik som resten av bakgrunnen. Pirkete meg... Men på det redigerte bilete ditt så legg iallefall eg mykje betre merkje til guttane :)