Nov 18, 2011

November roses

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
My roses have been through 2 tough summers. We've been doing a lot of reconstruction in the garden, and have moved them around.

Last year we decided we did not have time to keep all the flowerbeds tidy, and decided to convert the area to something useful. Then, one of the supporting walls gave in to the heavy snow and ice this previous winter, and we had to do some major changes this summer.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We gave a lot of rose-bushes away to friends who wanted them, and thought we had given them all away. But mid-summer we found a couple of bushes hidden in a corner. They were in a bad shape and we were about to through them away, but someone told us to trim them to the ground and give them a try.

To our great surprise they immediately grew new branches, and bloomed late in the summer. We thought that was it, but the roses had more in them. These shots were taken last weekend. And as you can see, they are now in great shape. (Roses in November isn't to common, as the first snow has usually fallen in these parts by then)

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