Jan 23, 2011

Feeling sheepish....

Yes, you guessed it. It's been another weekend with questionable weather conditions. A good thing we have a solid roof over our head, and "plenty" to do :)

I thought it was about time I'd try out the flash I bought for X-mas.

I considered using Jr. as a subject, but realized he'd probably go blind from all of my testing the different angles and settings. And sure enough, I scrapped a lot of shots before the end. And had these sheep been real, they would have complained about all the light in their eyes :)

I haven't had a really good flash to my disposal for a long time, and was unsure how it would impact my shots. And as a result, I know exactly what's next on my shopping list. No matter what I did or which setting I tried, all of my shots came out ether to dark or with to much shadow.

By the end of my session, I had to think differently. The flash was obviously throwing to much direct light on the sheep (small photo), even with a diffuser attached to the flash.

The solution? Start pointing in a different direction. Ideally point at something suitable for reflecting the light back at the subject. (which is why an umbrella and/or reflectors will be in my next shopping-basket at Amazon). It's with this kind of reflection (spreading the light more even across the subject) I got the results I was the most pleased with (big photo).

And the sheep? They complained a lot about spots in their vision after we were done. But as they were put back in their box (these are pieces from a hilarious board-game called: Shear Panic), they all seemed pleased with not being in the box for a while :)

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