Dec 5, 2010

Enough with the cats and the kids...

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugTime to give the "real" queen some space on this blog. She used to be the main topic of many of my first posts, but soon got bumped down to second spot as soon as our family started growing.

Not to worry. We've made sure she has been included in any way possible when it comes to the family, but she hasn't been at the center of my (camera-) focus for the last two years (++).

I thought taking a few pictures of her, and post it in the blog would reassure her of her place in our hearts :). And not to many days (well; two weeks ago to day, to be exact) ago, came a fine opportunity to do just that.

We were out in the garden to some final cleanup before winter when this photo opportunity came along. (she did not sit still for very long, as running through the leaves was obviously very fun.....)

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