Aug 6, 2010

Young and old

One of our goals this summer, was for Oldemor (Great Grand Mother) and Sebastian to meet each other again. It's been almost a year since the previous trip to Fredrikstad, so Sebastian had grown and changed a lot since then.

I don't think Sebastian had any recollection from the previous visits, even though we have talked a lot about her.

Sebastian was initially a bit scared of Oldemor, but after a few minutes on daddy's lap and with James in his hands, he was soon enough ready to explore the room and to play with Oldemor. He also found the wheel chair extremely funny to run around with (mostly in circles).

Sebastian is here seen explaining Oldemor about Thomas the tank engine and all his friends. Especially James, who he was carrying with him everywhere this summer :)

These photos are the first to be uploaded into Sebastian's new Album over at my photo site. Look for "Sebastian's third year". A password is needed, and it is for family and friends only.

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