Aug 3, 2010

Miss Confused / Frøken Forvirret

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I have never really thought about whether a flower is a he or a she. But I do wonder who decided roses should be a "She", and if there are only female roses? Or if there is a Mr Rose out there somewhere?

Anyhow the competition is open, and I had to find myself a subject and a name. The hunt was on in my own garden. I found this rose, newly showered by a light drizzle of rain. But when I walked walked up to this rose in my garden and asked if "it" wanted to participate in a contest over at "Moseplassen", it gave me a puzzled and confused look. Not only was I asking "it" for a name, but I also asked if I could call it a "she". The rose really did not know either, but silently accepted my proposal.

So here "she" is; My contribution to Frøken Rose 2010, Miss Confused. Head over to the site to see other contributions, and don't forget to vote for Miss Confused when voting begins :)

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