Jun 8, 2010

Haveselskapet (Part 1)

There is this gallery in a place called Os just south of bergen (20-30 min. drive), where the owner invites "everybody" to a great bar-b-q event. I literally mean everybody. We were invited because we knew someone who know someone.....

In the first part of the day the event is a family event. There are kids in all ages, everywhere, and they're all having a great time. After 6pm the event turns into an adult thing. That is when the first shift goes home, and those who remain usually don't have to look out for kids anymore (I'm not going to write about that part :)

The gallery is open to everyone this day. And in addition to food, they also provide all sorts of games for the kids. This year they hired a pony for the kids to ride, and a magician.

We "dragged" Farmor along on this "spur of the moment" decision to join our friends. The weather was nice, and we "needed" something to do. I think we all had a great time, and Sebastian even got both mom and Farmor to join him on the trampoline. He's been talking about it every day since.

More photos of Sebastian at the event can be found in his album. (PS: The album sorts by "taken last", so they won't be the first you find. As i recently uploaded the pictures from Sunday first. "my bad, sorry")

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