May 17, 2010

Happy May 17th, Norway

As always it is great fun for the kids, and a lot of "work" for the grown-ups. But that is how it has always been, and shall always be. This year was our first in Bergen, and without the family nearby. Sebastian took no notice as he was to busy watching everybody else.
On May 17th, "everybody" takes a trip to the city center (Not literally, but it sure is crowded down town). Sebastian did not know where to rest his eyes, there were entertainers on every corner, balloons everywhere and the promise of ice-cream was all he could take :)

Unfortunately, mother nature gave us a pretty average day, weather wise. It was cold and a bit windy. But as long as it didn't rain, we shouldn't complain to much. People still talk about the one time we had snow on this day.

Sebastian really enjoys sitting on my back, where he can see the world from "great" heights. Below is a short series of him as he was running along, playing with his wind-thingie :)

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