May 24, 2010


I think spring is a wonderful time in Norway. This is when everything comes to life.
But oh how I wished I could get inside Sebastian's head and read his thoughts on this phenomenon. After all, this is probably the first time he is conscious enough about his surroundings to really take it all in; The grass, the flowers, the birds (waking him up at 5am in the morning) and other smells and sounds in the garden.

Judging by the way he walks and talks in our tiny garden, he is really fascinated by it all. But he isn't quite sure about it all yet. Yesterday he tried to pat a tiny bug on it's back. A bit to hard of course, and the bug was surely crushed. He looked at me with his two big blue eyes (with a hint of shock): "Uh oh... Boss" (boss would be Norwegian (or Bergensk) for garbage). He looked at me for two seconds, handed me the dead bug, and set off to inspect another crawling "thingie" in the grass.

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