Mar 23, 2010

A five minute break in Milton Keynes

These shots are a result of a 5 minute photo shoot during a lunch break. The weather could have been better, but I did as best as I could.

Newport Pagnell is a small town, and a part of the bigger Milton Keynes. It was really just one big cross with a few shops and restaurants. The town itself was a classic "old" town, with a few new buildings and a fairly new surrounding. But it had all the ingredients I always imagined a town like this would have: A river, a bridge (or two), old houses, beautiful meadows and gardens by the river and an old church (There may have been more, but not where we walked to get lunch.

I passed a lot of good subjects on my way to lunch every day. But I did not have time to bring the camera every day. If I return one day, I'll be sure to bring the camera along (and hope for a bit better weather conditions).

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